DataMesh Group
Current state
For some time now, Australian Retailers in all industries and of all sizes have endured outdated and sometimes highly inefficient technical solutions for their point of sale and card present PAYMENTS operations.

With inflexible Eftpos terminals and sub-par integration, merchants are limited in how they can interact with their clients. Retailers currently have minimal or no ability to uniquely customise the experiences they would like to offer their customers. The solutions designed for a department store cannot fit a restaurant, petroleum site or hotel - nor should they be expected to.
We're about to change all that...
Very soon, DataMesh Group (DMG) will go live with Australia’s only truly FI independent, white-label, merchant/customer facing, cross-channel, PCI-DSS-compliant and EMV-capable financial switching platform. For the first time, you'll have the ability to create your own customer / user experiences through technical flexibility, choice, ease of access and rapid-compliant deployment.

We are offering full card present (CP), card not present (CNP) and mobile payments processing capabilities.

We can help you create the best in-store experiences possible. You'll have the ability to design the retail experience that best suits your needs and your customer base, including solutions that have been available to the rest of the world for some time.

DMG is not just another payment gateway; we are Australia’s only true independent financial transaction network.